Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Masi Dealer Makes My Day

Since I've become personally involved with blogging, I've met some wonderful people - all of the Krew here (except King Karl...him I've known for years), Jake, Lee, Tara and a host of others. It's great to be able to share ideas with people across the country and even half way across the world. I've even collaborated with some folks on projects outside of blogging that came to be through this wacky medium. And, I don't need to tell you all how fabulous it is to be working with the Krew. The talent here is just mind-blowing!

But today I had a unique (to me) experience brought to me courtesy of this blog. I opened an email from Bernie and it made me smile. You see, Bernie's a smart guy - his shop sells Masi and Haro and Pedros. Now he wanted to ask me a question about Kryptonite (which he also sells). What the question was isn't important, what he prefaced it with was.....and I quote (with permission).... "I realize you may not be the right person to ask this question, but I figured I'd try you first, since I feel I "know" you through the Kool-Aid blog..."

Tim may be rubbing off on me but I was almost giddy. This was just too cool. I immediately went to Fort Worth's Panther City Bicycle's website and noticed that they also have a blog. Sounds like a very cool shop doing some very cool things. My only concern is that there isn't a Kryptonite sicker on the front window next to the gigantic Pedros sticker. I'm going to have to fix that. Karl won't mind if you put the Kryptonite one over it, Bernie...ok, next to it.

My friend, Jake, is creating some of his own words these days. One sticks with me and I'll borrow it now. Bernie, thanks for the email. It is nice to eKnow you!

Posted by Donna Tocci at 5:24 PM


  1. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 7:37 PM  
    That's nice. Maybe someday we'll get to read some real content on this blog aside from the masturbatory borning-ness usually spewed forth.
  2. Blogger Tim Jackson posted at 7:52 PM  
    Hey Anonymous,

    I have a pretty fair idea that I know what "masturbatory" means, but you totally got me on the "borning-ness". If we have any borning-ness on this site, I apologize from the bottom of my heart. Not my masturbatory heart, if I have one, but from the bottom of my real heart... way down at the bottom. I'll talk to Donna about the borning-ness, along with the rest of the Krew and if anybody puts any more borning-ness on the site- I promise I'll fire them. (Except none of them were hired or get paid, but I hope you get where I'm headed with this...)
  3. Blogger gwadzilla posted at 5:37 AM  
    the blog is an amazing network
    the bicycle blog is an amazing sub-network
    within that sub-network there are even more and more sub-networks
    each feeding off each other
    each inspiring the other

    I just wrote a less than inspiring article for SPOKES magazine in the mid-atlantic region on the BICYCLE BLOG

    it was basic and informative
    spoke in spokes about a variety of blogs in the Mid-Atlantic region
    just touched on a few blogs and a few types of blogs within the mid-atlantic mountainbiking blog sub-culture

    this article may wake a few people up to this strange electronic world

    or not
  4. Blogger gwadzilla posted at 5:40 AM  

    everything is subjective
    my blog is interesting to some
    yet boring to others

    I seldom tell friends about it unless they are cyclist
    and even then
    not everyone gets it

    it is not or everyone
    but to those that get it
    it can enrich their lives
    hopefully it does not get in the way of the things that are really important
    like family or riding a bike
    or even work
    it is okay if it gets in the way of work a little
    just do not get fired

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