Thursday, February 02, 2006

Please welcome our newest contributor; Chris Lesser

I'd like to welcome our newest member of the team, Chris Lesser.

Chris is a pretty smart character and is already pretty good at stirring the pot. Chris spent a good while as a staff writer for Bicycle Retailer and Industry News (BRaIN). He's still got his fingers on the pulse of the industry, though as a freelance writer- more or less- while working from his new home office in St. Kitts. Personally, I think he's just there to work on his tan and learn how to saltwater fly fish. During the big tradeshow in Vegas in September, Chris came by the Masi booth to see how things were going and say hello. We talked to each other a couple times when he was working on various projects for BRaIN, so we became chummy. I asked him how things were going, how the show was shaping up for him and he said, "I'm leaving for St. Kitts tomorrow." I thought, cool a vacation... and then he told me he was going there to LIVE. Needless to say, I hated him instantly. Now we mostly exchange pointed and poisonous emails. Mostly I insult his intelligence and try to undermine his work.

However, from the very beginning of this project, I had Lesser in mind as one of the contributors. After much poking and prodding and threatening to expose him as a fraud, he finally capitulated and came to the almost-dark side of the farce.

I hope that you will all welcome Chris to the Krew (his sidebar is being developed). His maiden post has proven to be an attention getter and shows off his journalistic prowess and ability to string together semi-coherent sentences. Overall, I think he should prove to be a great addition to the Krew. I've been trying to get him involved all along, so I'm pretty happy to have him join us and become a part of the wonderful family we have here at the Kool-Aid Krew.

Welcome to the party Mr. Lesser!

Tim Jackson
Chief Kool-Aid Dispenser

Posted by Tim Jackson at 8:36 PM


  1. Blogger The Donut Guy posted at 3:48 AM  
    Very cool Tim.

    The more writers the better:-)

    So when are you gonna have a couple of average "bicycle consumers" added to your log of contributors?
  2. Blogger Donna Tocci posted at 10:02 AM  
    Tim - don't hate Chris, I think I hear that he's decided to have the first meeting of the Krew at his place at the end of the month. ;)
    Seriously, welcome Chris! I, too, know that you are a great addition to our little Krew and look forward to seeing more of your thoughts here.
  3. Blogger Yokota Fritz posted at 10:30 AM  
    Ah, I was impressed with the Stumptown article and wondered who this new guy was. I'm looking forward to more good stuff from Chris!
  4. Blogger Guitar Ted posted at 8:42 PM  
    Nice addition to your fold! May the "farce" be with you!

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