Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Park Tool Promotion

As anyone in the cycling industry knows, it is difficult to come up with an all inclusive promotion for dealers. After all, how do you create a fair initiative for multi-store locations, big stores and smaller stores? It's not easy.

Recently, I read over on Bicycle Retailer & Industry News' site that Park Tool has created an International Distinguished Service Award. Basically, a customer nominates his or her favorite shop by writing a letter to Park Tool about the great service he or she got. Ah-ha! It's all about the service, not sales volume. Bravo, guys!

On Park's site they say, "This award is designed to recognize bike shops that provide excellent repairs and a service experience that is above and beyond the call of duty."

Obviously, being a tool company, this is a perfect tie-in for them.

A winner will be chosen by Park Tool each quarter. Yes, it's a little subjective, but they can't pick a shop that wasn't nominated, right? If your letter is picked, the shop will be recognized on the Park Tool site and you will get a PZT-1 Pizza Cutter. From the quarterly winners one winner will be picked for the year. I'm assuming they get a grand poo-bah prize or something. I'm sure it will be funky and cool. Oh yea, that pizza cutter....I have one in my kitchen. It's kinda fun.

Yes, there does seem to be a rule for this contest. I couldn't have said it any better if I tried so here is the verbiage straight from Park Tool's site:
There is a special place in hell for shops that submit their own names. If caught, we will expose this fraudulent behavior in as embarrassing a way as possible.

HA! If you know the Park Tool guys at all, you know they mean this. You have been warned.

Now, go on and write a letter to nominate your favorite shop, if they've earned it.

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