Friday, November 03, 2006

Thank you DirtRag!

I just wanted to take a quick moment to thank my new friend Michael Browne at DirtRag for mentioning this site in his Brain Fart web article. In his article, he lists this sleepy little site in his Top 5 Blogs to read. Thanks man!

More importantly, I wanted to give Michael and DirtRag support for considering beginning a blog for DirtRag. It may or may not happen, but it is obviously something that I would fully support. If you have an opinion, cruise on over to the DirtRag site and drop Michael a little note expressing your thoughts.

And Michael, if you read this- thanks again... and start blogging!

Tim Jackson
Cheif Kool-Aid Dispenser

Posted by Tim Jackson at 10:39 PM


  1. Blogger Donna Tocci posted at 7:19 AM  
    As usual, Tim beat me to the punch! Thanks so much, Michael! We appreciate the kudos.
  2. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 1:55 PM  
    Good to talk with you too Tim!
    I appreciate the call, and the reciprocal post!

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