Wednesday, January 25, 2006

KHS revisited.

I just recently received the March issue of ROAD magazine and saw the new KHS two page ad. I am very happy to say that the new ad is far better and conveys a much better image for the brand. I'm not saying the ad is perfect, but it is a far cry better than past ads.

This new ad has a gigantic image of their new high-end road bike and smaller images of two other models. In the upper right corner of the ad is a solo male rider riding over the crest of a hill. Man and bike- a simple image. The caption for the ad reads "Turn you riding buddies into road kill!" Much better than the previous ads and still holds onto an edgier image than other more "traditional" road bike brands (which I am assuming was the goal, but I could be wrong).

Shortly after the first post here mentioning KHS, I was told by a friend "in the know" that I was not alone on my assessment of the effectiveness and impact of the older ads. Allegedly, KHS was already moving away from those ads and seeking to make strides to improve/ polish brand image. I wish I could say that it was all due to my first post, but it seems that KHS was already thinking ahead. (I also noticed quite a few visits here from KHS, though I doubt my comments had anything to do with their decisions- though I certainly invite their feedback.)

Bravo KHS!

Tim Jackson
Chief Kool-Aid Dispenser

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 6:07 PM  
    It is nice to see that KHS has laid off the low rider girl approach. I will admit, I have done my share of weak ideas that didnt turn out well once in production... but I pulled a no-mercy and scraped everything before letting it see the light of day. I do think that guys like to check out good looking girls, but really when the world of cycling has so many women participants, it good to consider them as the customer too.

    Now seeing that KHS, has a new ad with the standard man bike shot, etc, etc... whats up with:

    "Turn your buddies into road kill".

    Yikes! I dont want to be left on the road for dead by my buddies. Seems to me that its a tag line that can easily have such a mixed message.

    I am happy just leaving my buddies in the dust. :-)
  2. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 4:09 AM  
    Just because this month's ad is better doesn't mean they get it. As most of you know (or should know) these ad campaigns are prepared months in advance. There is a theme. If they perceive name recognition have responded to this particular type of advertizing, they will keep at it. What they don't get is this demogrpahic keeps wanting more and wants the envelope pushed more. KHS thinks they are on the cutting edge and will respond by giving more and pushing the envelope to give the readers (not necessarily buyers) more. KHS is sacrificing the long term viability of their company for short term 24-32 male (the horny toad demographic)demographic recognition.

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