Friday, January 13, 2006

Attention Bike Industry!

Our friend in the UK, Carlton Reid, sent me the following email this morning and he has graciously offered to allow me to post it here. Carlton is the editor of BicycleBusiness in the UK. If you do not already receive a copy of this magazine and are a member of the cycling industry, get in touch with Carlton and the subscription folks there and get signed up for your copy.

BicycleBusiness is essentially the British version of Bicycle Retailer and Industry News (BRaIN) that we have here in the US (but totally different owners and staff). Having a look at how business is done and how it is doing in a different market can be a very beneficial and enlightening thing. Personally, I think it's foolish to not take up this offer... but I have been known to have some crazy opinions.

A message for those who don't get mailed with BicycleBusiness

If you'd like to get on the mailing list for the new-look BikeBiz mag of the UK - now published by Intent Media - send an email to the subs department. We'd especially like to hear from international readers of

The relaunch issue will be mailed in mid-February. Existing recipients of the magazine need do nothing, they'll continue to be mailed. To get on the expanded mailing list, please email: CC to Send a contact name, job title, full mailing address and add which of these categories you belong to: 1. Independent Bicycle Dealer 2. Chainstore Bicycle Dealer 3. Supermarkets & Non-specialist Bicycle Retailer 4. Online & Mail Order Bicycle Retailer 5. Manufacturer (including accessories and apparel) 6. Wholesaler/Distributor/Import/Export 7. Specialist Services 8. Media 9. Associations & Organisations 10. Other

Editor, BikeBiz

(I apologize for the weird formatting here. I have no idea what is happening.)

Tim Jackson
Chief Kool-Aid Dispenser

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  1. Blogger Pete LaVerghetta posted at 12:59 PM  
    The difference between the two mags for this casual observer is that publishes a RSS feed while BRAIN does not. When I wrote to BRAIN about a year and a half ago sugessting that this might be a good idea, they said 'hey, thanks for your input we'll get right on it.' So I have to acually remember to visit BRAIN once in a while, instead of just getting the headlines mailed to me. Then I'd blog them, then people would click them, then they'd click through BRAIN and everyody would win.
  2. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 1:51 PM  
    RSS is essential for any news site. I'd run any BRAIN feed on the BikeBiz site. I already carry Pez and RSS feeds for three British mags and the BBC's cycling coverage.

    But, of course, the magazine doesn't have an RSS feed, it's the website! The mag offer is open to anyone in the business of bicycles and has been extended by the new owners. The mag is done in the UK and about the UK but there's going to be international news and features. In the first issue there's an interview with Mike Sinyard, founder/president of Specialized.
  3. Blogger Yokota Fritz posted at 5:24 PM  
    Just for you guys, I've created a scraped feed for your BRaIN. Read about it here.

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