Friday, February 25, 2011

Kool-Aid is coming back... sorta...

Hello... is this thing on?

It's been since October of 2009 since this blog has been updated. Lots of changes have taken place in that time- obviously- and lots of great discussions have been missed. It's been a long time since I last put out a call for guest writers to help keep this thing afloat- and I got a lot of great volunteers... in 2009!

So, with that said, consider this a repeat;
  • I am officially looking for guest writers to help bring this blog back from the dead... again.
  • Here's the original Kasting Kall.
To all those who tossed their hat into the ring the last time, please feel free to toss it in again! To those who thought about it before, but held back... here's your chance. AND... for those who are seeing this for the first time, I promise I'm a nice guy and won't be mean as Editor... so send me a sample.

Thank you again (again),

Tim Jackson
Chief Kool-Aid Dispenser

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