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Become a member of the Kool-Aid Krew!

Since November 20, 2005 this blog has been a stop and go project limited mostly by the lack of free time each of the various contributors has available... or in most cases, doesn't have available. Somehow, despite this very sporadic and inconsistent history of posting, the blog continues to hold a readership and I still get frequent questions about when we're going to be updating the blog again. Believe me, that's a far greater compliment to me than you know.

From the beginning, the idea of this blog was to create dialog; a dialog between members of the cycling industry, retailers and consumers. The original focus was to cover marketing in the cycling industry and other industries that choose to use cycling to communicate their messages. Over time the focus changed a little and began to cover other cycling related news- with an intended focus being on how that news impacted the industry. I believe it is safe to say that we've covered quite a few different topics over the nearly four years we've been here and it's safe to assume that the focus will remain fairly diverse.

Since each of the contributors listed on the right side of this page have very diverse viewpoints, it is clear that things will remain pretty diversely covered within the posts here. And here's where you potentially come in...

We're looking for new contributors for the blog. Want to join us? Then send a writing sample (or link to your existing blog, etc) and a brief bio to me at timothyvjackson (at) gmail (dot) com. You don't need to be in the bicycle industry to qualify, since we are looking to keep things diverse around here- varying viewpoints are very much desired. One thing that is required though... a thick skin and a good sense of humor. We don't want or allow sniper attacks on brands or people, so if you have an axe to grind you'll need to grind it elsewhere. We also don't allow sexism, racism, bigotry or political/ religious firebombing. In essence, we're here to be informative, invite discussion that has the potential to move a topic towards change and overall shed light on important topics that tie to the life and health of the cycling world and industry... even if it takes a little searching to find that connection from time to time.

So if you've got a burning desire to become a member of the Kool-Aid Krew, drop me a line and let me know. The goal is to have a large enough team of contributors to ensure that the site is updated at least once a week so that the burden does not fall onto any one person's shoulders. If you're a little shy about becoming a regular contributor, listed on the site, feel free to submit a post as a guest contributor as well.

Thanks again to all of the folks who have supported and encouraged this sporadic endeavor. We hope to make things a little more exciting around here in the coming months... including a change in the looks of things. Please excuse our e-dust as we do a bit of housecleaning... it will hopefully prove worth the patience.

Tim Jackson
Chief Kool-Aid Dispenser

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