Thursday, November 09, 2006

Portland Eurobike Newsflash!

I just got off the phone a moment ago with Jennifer Nolfi from the Portland Development Commission. I met Jennifer and a few other folks involved with Portland's attempts to actively court the cycling industry to move their businesses to the Portland area. They have done a great job of embracing the strength of their city's support for cycling and are working to bring more members of our industry to Portland- to join companies like Chris King who made the move years ago.

Anyway, Jennifer called me to make a point of clarification about the recent announcement of the Portland Eurobike show. There have been news items linking "Portland officials" to the announcement. Jennifer wanted to make it clear that she and the PDC group were in no way involved. Her concern stems over the fact that she and other representatives of the Portland city and business commission were graciously introduced to many members of the cycling industry during Interbike and allowed to be a part of the great energy of the show. She wanted to make it clear that she and the others were not there on a mission to try and court the industry for the newly announced Portland tradeshow. She and the others were there specifically to try to sway companies to permanently move their businesses to Portland, not visit for a week for a tradeshow.

According to Jennifer, she and the others knew nothing of the plans that were cooking. A Portland tourism group was involved, but not Jennifer and the PDC.

Thank you Jennifer for making that clarification. I, for one, had not made the connection to her and her group, but I could see how some would or could. I had a wonderful time talking to her during the show in Vegas and look forward to talking to her agin some time. She sent a kick ass care package with information about business incentives in Portland... that just happened to include a fantasmic dark chocolate candy bar made in Portland by a local company. Very smart marketing indeed...

Thanks again to Jennifer for helping to set the record straight about the recent developments that have garnered so much attention.

Tim Jackson
Chief Kool-Aid Dispenser

Posted by Tim Jackson at 3:48 PM


  1. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 8:43 PM  
    Interesting. A Portland Tourism group? You know what I'm thinking? This ain't gonna fly.


    It's all about motivation and purpose and the what, why, where and when's.

    I'll admit to being a million miles away from the action over there and not having my fingers on the pulse Tim, but a show that acts as a driver for tourism? Or even vice versa.......umm, no.

    To me the motivation has to be a show for the industry as a means in itself, not some kind of tourism junket. And as such, Jennifer Nolfi's original business mission is the right one and of course a show would probably evolve from that in time. Like the original idea of the Handmade Show being held there.

    After hearing that little tidbit Vegas is looking like a pretty solid long term proposition from where I'm sitting.
  2. Blogger jmaus posted at 2:12 PM  
    The "tourism group" is the Portland Oregon Visitors Association. It makes perfect sense that Eurobike was working with them.

    Brokering hotel deals and helping with convention plans is part of their job.

    POVA's involvement has nothing to do with promoting tourism (although that might be a secondary effect I'm sure).

    I just published more on POVA if you're interested.
  3. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 10:40 PM  
    Read it Johnathan, all good, from the organisation POV and reading the groups about page it's clear there would be some kind of link there because their services would be needed, so this still leaves all the questions for Eurobike officials themselves.

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