Sunday, November 20, 2005

Another stupid bicycle industry blog?

I know the blogosphere is becoming terribly crowded. I said to myself, "hey, self, let's cram yet another blog into the blogosphere, but make it focused on Marketing and PR (that's Public Relations for those of you who have been living under a rock- or in Canada- for the past few decades)." Once I was done talking to myself, which the bike industry will eventually make you do, I got this little blog started.

Why on earth would I want to do a blog about Marketing/PR in the bicycle industry? Because I love bicycles, the sport, the industry and even Marketing/PR itself. Plus, I know a lot of smart and savvy people in the marketing world, both in and out of the bike industry, and a lot of other brainiacs. I figured this would give us all a chance to share our thoughts on the things we do and don't like about advertising, marketing and PR efforts in the cycling world. From the US to anywhere in the world, there are lots of good and bad efforts being made to get people onto bikes or into cycling. Really, it's a very active little slice of the world.

Cycling is a small industry in a big world, but the industry and sport are both filled to the brim with people who are very passionate. That passion can breed some really great things... and some things that are not so great too.

One of the best parts of this project is that when I got this idea, I immediately committed to the ideal that nobody is off limits- including myself and my friends. Hey, we all have to be able to laugh at ourselves and be able to admit when somebody else is doing a good job. There are a lot of ideas that I really like, respect and admire. There are also ones that I think fall short of the target. We'll take a look at these things and see what opinions are. Maybe I will point a finger at something and laugh, while somebody else thinks I'm an ignorant ass for doing so. This should be a lot of fun and maybe, just maybe, we'll all learn a little something along the way.

I hope you'll keep coming by and visiting because I hope to have some great commentary from all sorts of people and maybe even some contributors who will enlighten and amuse as well.

(PS- I was only joking about the Canada thing. I swear. I love Canada. I know smart people from Canada and hope they will come to visit. I don't know why the national symbol is a Maple Leaf, but hey- to each their own.)

Posted by Tim Jackson at 4:14 PM


  1. Blogger Yokota Fritz posted at 10:50 AM  
    I followed this from Jonathan's JRA. I'm like looking at the marketing aspect of things and I'm looking forward to seeing some good stuff here.

    I'm just wondering -- does anybody under the age of 40 understand the reference to drinking the Kool-Aid?
  2. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 5:48 AM  
    Hi Tim,

    My name is RL Policar of

    I was wondering if you guys had a need for a contributor for your blog? I'd love to help out.

    Check out our blog and see what we've been doing. You can ask Tim Grahl all about me, he should be able to vouch for my work.


  3. Anonymous Anonymous posted at 6:32 PM  
    Happy 1-year bday :-). And you started on a great post. My first post was terrible!
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